The Year of Outdoor Recreation 2021

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The Year of Outdoor Recreation 2021 was a national campaign in Sweden run by the Swedish Associations of Outdoor Organizations (Svenskt Friluftsliv) to promote outdoor recreation, improve collaboration between stakeholders and to put outdoor recreation higher on the political agenda. Additional goals were to spread and increase knowledge about the public right to access of land and to spread the values of outdoor recreation to society, including to schools.

The project was named ”The air is free!” (Luften är fri) and was based on digital marketing in social media, collaboration between traditional and new organizations and local grant projects.

Overall, the campaign achieved the set goals and collaboration between stakeholders and partners were strengthened during the year. Activities were carried out throughout the country during the year, many of which followed the project’s monthly themes. More than 350 organizations participated resulting in approximately 3 500 separate activities on local, regional or national level.


Report summarizing the Year of Outdoor Recreation 2021

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